About Our Company

Our company was established in 2016. In view that nowadays there are so many skincare products that contains chemicals and are harmful to our health, our company is dedicated to look for natural and healthy products from different parts of the world. We will bring these to our customers so as to enhance their living and give them more choices.

From June 2017, we are adding an organic food brand ” Bioitalia ” into our collection. Bioitalia has a wide range of products, including  pasta, risotto, pasta sauces, olive oil, vinegar, juices, biscuits and etc., and the best part of it is all are certified organic. Organic products usually are more expensive than the ordinary type, but it is worth the price. Learn more  http://www.bioitalia.it/en/organic.html#.Wgj9_WiCzIU 

With global warming and UV rays of the Sun attacking our skin,  wearing sunblock is becoming important to our daily lives. In response we have introduced coconut sunscreen and after sun care by “Le Tan” from Australia. It products are paraben free, water and sweat resistant, and protect our skin from the UV rays.

In summer of 2018, we have been able to add to our collection  a range of coconut food products which are organic, raw, high protein and rich in nutrients by “The Coconut Company” from UK.  They include organic coconut oil, flour, milk powder, sugar, amino sauces and vinegars.  They are healthy and tasty, and their uses are very versatile.